diumenge, 31 de gener de 2010

Announcement n° 6/2009 of the CPVO as regards e - publication

As from 2010 the majority of CPVO official publications will only be available electronically.

Further to the decision of the Office on electronic publications of 16/11/2009, the CPVO will publish its official gazette, the special issue on submission requirements (S2) as well as the Annex to the Annual Report exclusively on the CPVO Official website. The first official publications to be published exclusively electronically will be Gazette 1/2010 and the Annex to the 2009 Annual Report, foreseen publication date for both publications: 15/02/2010.

All official publications of the CPVO will, as from 2010, be free of charge.

All publications will be viewable and downloadable at the following address: http://www.cpvo.europa.eu/, as .pdf documents.

Annual Report
Only the Annual Report (without its Annex) will remain available on paper.
Important: If you wish to receive a free paper version of the Annual Report, please go to http://bookshop.europa.eu/ to order it, either in English (available end of April) or in French (available end of June).