dimarts, 22 de setembre de 2009

FERA - The Food and Environment Research Agency


Science solutions for a changing world. Our over arching purpose is to support and develop a sustainable food chain, a healthy natural environment, and to protect the global community from biological and chemical risks.

Response and Recovery. Fera is an essential element of the nation's capability to respond to, and recover from, emergency situations, including accidental or deliberate release of hazardous materials.

- Fera's food and drink analytical testing services are underpinned by scientific expertise, detailed knowledge of current and emerging regulations, and internationally recognised quality standards.

- Fera has the largest concentration of vertebrate ecologists in the UK. This along with the facilities and resources have positioned our scientists as leaders in wildlife management and disease.

- Fera has statutory responsibilities for delivering policy and inspectorate functions in relation to Plant Health, Bee Health and Plant Varieties and Seeds.

- Fera specialises in bespoke and higher tier studies, modelling and advice for pre-registration data packages and product support.

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