dilluns, 17 de novembre de 2008

Nova imatge corporativa de la CPVO

L'amic José Maria m'ha informat que des del passat mes d'octubre, ja està disponible, de moment en versió anglesa, la nova imatge corporativa de la CPVO que es va anunciar a la nota de premsa del 14 d'octubre:

After 13 years of existence, the Community Plant Variety Office has decided to refresh and modernize its image to convey a clear and cohesive visual impression across all its services and products. The new Corporate Identity of the CPVO is aimed to reflect the quality of the Community Plant variety protection system and the quality of the services provided by the CPVO to its stakeholders since 1995.

The existing CPVO logo has evolved in order to be more recognisable maintaining the actual colours and symbolic elements of the already well-known CPVO logo recalling the agency’s existing character. The symbol, the colours and the elements are presented in a more dynamic way reinforcing the strength of the organization: an evolution but not a revolution.

The new logo is meant to symbolize what the mission of the CPVO is : the protection of new plant varieties on a Community scale. The stars and the acronym in European blue recall that the CPVO is an organ of the European Community , the leaves with 3 green colours represent “plant and variety”, the rounded shape of the leaves symbolise “protection” and the red ball stands for a seed. The logo is declined in 22 languages of the European Union with CPVO acronym.

The new identity will be implemented and maintained by the CPVO staff to ensure a coherent and professional corporate image of the Community Plant Variety Office to the outside world.

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